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Ramon Ruiz, Club Writer

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Volunteer club, led by Coach Johnson, was created to allow students to help the Indianapolis Community. Lately, students have taken a field trip to Second Helpings, made recycling bins for the school, and are now working on organizing the Food Drive. Whichever PLC donates the most food will earn a pizza party! 

Coach Johnson- Created volunteer club

  1. Why did you want to start Volunteer club?

“I started volunteer club because I think we change the world when we support our communities. It’s easy to become so overwhelmed by all the world’s problems that we forget our own power to solve them, but Volunteer Club, also called Polytech Philanthropists, is here to remind students that they are agents of change.”


  1. Who inspired you to help volunteer

“Although my mom infrequently volunteered in an official capacity, she always stopped to help others in small ways (like helping an older person load groceries into the car). Others in my life– my grandpa, my husband, my best friends, even my five-year-old daughter– also have hearts of service, and seeing them lend a hand inspires me to do the same.”


  1. What are you guys planning to do in the upcoming months?

“An ongoing project is recycling. We’re also currently working on a food drive to support Second Helpings, and our Polytech Philanthropists will unveil it to the school before Thanksgiving break. We’re considering hosting a toy drive next month. This spring, some possible projects include helping at an animal shelter, serving a community meal, making care kits for our friends who are experiencing homelessness, and working with kids at a local elementary school.”

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