Cycle 1

Soneya Tamang, Study Body Writer

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The Cycle 1’s challenge was to help the Indianapolis Zoo to increase conservation efforts locally. The winners of Cycle 1 were Audrey Williamson, Xavier Howard, Christian Tettey, and Karissa Nielsen-Baker representing Coach Mundall. Their solution was to put stuffed animals in happy meals, called “Palm Palz”. The stuffed animals would be shaped of the animals that palm oil processing is affecting. Second place went to Jacy Thomas, Clark Miller, and Jairo Cruz, representing Coach Vincent. Their solution was is a parabolic dish that generates electricity for household through the process of concentrated solar power, and it’d called “Reflectio”.  Third place went to Soneya Tamang, Eros Fernandez, Maddi Meulen, and Adrian Martinez, representing Coach Lee. Their solution was a photo booth that had animal props and it was to raise money for Endangered African Elephants.

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Cycle 1